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Community helps boy recovering from aneurysm

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Community helps boy recovering from aneurysm.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A 7-year-old boy is recovering after a brain aneurysm. We first met Jack Haas-Pueblo in May when he was in the hospital. Now, Jack’s finally recovering at home.

Jack’s mother tells Newschannel 3 she and Jack are getting a helping hand.

While Jack is working to get stronger in rehab, the community is chipping in. From mowing the law for free, to helping Jack get in and out of his house near Kalamazoo. Jack’s mom says he’s making huge strides in his recovery. He was in a coma only months ago.

“I was just sleeping,” Jack says.

The 7 year old is in a wheelchair.

Jack had a brain aneurysm in February. His mother, Rae, says Jack nearly died.

“The original hospital wasn’t expecting much out of him because usually no one can come back after that happens,” says Rae Haas.

“But I did,” Jack says.

“He did,” says Rae.

We first met Jack in May when he was at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids. Jack couldn’t walk or talk at the time.

But Jack’s home now. He just started 3rd grade. He plans to be Olaf from the movie “Frozen” for Halloween.

“I just thought, how tragic for this little boy to just all of a sudden end up in a wheelchair,” says Leo Carrion from TJ Rampit.

Carrion saw our story on Jack in May, and wanted to lend a helping hand.

His company TJ Rampit out of Coldwater installed a wheelchair ramp for Jack for free. Making things a little easier for Jack and his mom.

“For as long as Jack needs. Hopefully he gets strong soon and he’ll be able to walk. But until then, the ramp is his to have,” Carrion says.

Rae says Jack will continue with his rehab. The goal is to get him walking again. She says she’s overwhelmed by the support she and Jack are getting.

“It’s just amazing. I just don’t have words for the people who have been helping us,” Rae says.

A Go Fund Me page is set up to help Jack and his mother with expenses during his rehab.