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Somewhat mysterious monolith appears overnight in Lansing, Michigan, business district

monolith Lansing by Rachel Just (5).jpeg
A monolith, mimicking others that have appeared in spots around the globe recently, appeared overnight in Lansing, Michigan, on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020, in the city's Old Town district. (WWMT/ Rachel Louise Just)

Tall, silver and mimicking a world-wide trend, a monolith appeared overnight in Lansing, Michigan, in the Old Town district.

The structure was put up outside Bad Annie's on Turner Road where store owner Summer Schriner said it didn't exist when she closed the store down Monday night.

Installed on a square base, the Lansing monolith appears to be constructed of silver-painted plywood. Placards attached to the base encourage readers to visit website and social media accounts containing the word or words Michigan monolith and MImonolith. The attachement to Michigan might be one indication it's not an alien instrusion, as has been half-jokingly referenced with the other monoliths. It's also not steel, as the ones in Utah were.

Summer said her sister told her she saw a group of people installing the structure outside Bad Annie's.

Someone else out that night apparently captured video of the installation, and posted it on YouTube. The structure is surrounded by a dog and several bipedal animals that appear quite human.

The first monolith appeared in a Utah desert and was originally found by wildlife biologists performing a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep.

Other monoliths later appeared in Romania and California.

Days after the first one in Utah captured the world's attention and hundreds of people flocked to the desert to witness the obelisk, it was taken by a group who claimed they were trying to protect public lands.

Sylvan Christensen, who has almost 30,000 followers on TikTok and over 14,800 followers on Instagram, posted a video of the monolith in a wheelbarrow being carried away. The faces of the people removing the structure are blurred.

Even though the location was never officially released to the public, Ross Bernards said the coordinates ended up on Reddit, then Google Maps. Hundreds of people flocked to the area to see the otherworldly gleaming object. Bernards caught some of the monolith's final moments on Friday night. He said when one group left, four more people moved in and they started taking it down.

The sheriff's office in San Juan County said it's not planning an investigation into the disappearance of the monolith. But authorities also said they would accept tips from any of the hundreds of visitors who trekked out to the desert. The Bureau of Land Management said it will not investigate because it's not part of their jurisdiction.