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Former Second Lady Jill Biden, Gov. Whitmer meet with military families in Battle Creek

Jill Biden met with Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Battle Creek.jpg
Jill Biden met with Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Battle Creek on Sept. 15, 2020. (WWMT/Sam Knef)

Less than 50 days from the presidential election, the race to the white house ran through Michigan once again.

On Tuesday, Dr. Jill Biden was in West Michigan campaigning for her husband, presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The focus of her visits was to meet with people to get real feedback for her husband's campaign.

Jill's day started in Grand Rapids, where she toured the Kids Food Basket, an organization feeding hungry children in west Michigan.

“I think what they’ve done here, they’ve done a wonderful job in supporting these communities," Jill said.

The former second lady, who's hoping to become first lady, then teamed up with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to meet with military families in Battle Creek.

Whitmer assured the families they would be better served by a Biden presidency. She called the upcoming election the most important of her lifetime.

"This is a high stakes election. People who put their lives on the line to protect others have not gotten the support they need in the last four years, and I know a Biden administration will be there, and support our families," Whitmer said.

Jill referenced the fact that her family is a military family. She said the goal of her husband is to make sure every American family has the same opportunities their family did, listing unemployment for veterans as one of their top priorities.

"As a nation we have many obligations, but one true obligation is to properly prepare troops when we send them into harms way, and care for their families," she said.

When asked about positives and negatives of their current level of support from the government, the military family members all said they were happy with retirement benefits, but listed access to health care, quality and staffing of veterans affairs, and communication on how to receive benefits as struggles.

"You heard what they said about VA hospitals. I'll take that back to Joe, and I'll say hey Joe, this is what I heard," Jill said. "If I have the honor of first lady, one of the most important priorities will be making sure vets and vet families have what they need."

Jill made bold promises to military families.

She said, as first lady, she'd work to promote free community college for veterans. She also said a Biden presidency would support more funding for Michigan's National Guard, which Whitmer said is lacking.

“We’ve been asking for 100 percent approval and support from the federal government, a handful of states have gotten it. Florida and Texas, but Michigan was recently denied," Whitmer said.

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