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Eagle and Crooked Lake residents sandbag while waiting for flood relief

Eagle and Crooked Lake residents sandbag while waiting for flood relief.

Homeowners at Eagle Lake and Crooked Lake in Kalamazoo County say the longer they wait for flood relief the more they worry they’re going to lose their homes.

Short-term fixes for Nancy Hall and Jackie Wolthuis are hundreds of sandbags and prayers.

“We’re not standing alone, we’re very thankful for that,” Wolthuis said.

She was surrounded by friends and family as they filled sandbags by her home on Eagle Lake.

“When everybody comes to help you it brings tears to your eyes because people are so good to you,” Hall said.

What hasn’t been good for them is rain. It rains when they don’t need it. The lake water is so high it’s filling basements at some homes, taking beach front and front yards from others.

“We lost the battle on Labor Day night in the driving rain,” Hall said.

“It just was overwhelming. Just came right straight through my basement,” said Wolthuis.

“Devastating for people,” Kasi Casterline, with Eagle Lake Texas Association, said. “This is their biggest asset in their life and is, for many people, destroyed.”

She said the association asking Texas Township, Kalamazoo County, and state leaders to help find a short-term solution while they work on a long-term fix.

State Senator Margaret O’Brien, R-Kalamazoo, said, “I want them to know we all care. We’re all working hard. Locally the short term solution will be led by the local officials, and then a long-term solution is going to be a team partnership with the state federal government.”

“People need relief, people need help, and we don’t have an answer,” Casterline said. “We don’t have solutions. We’re coming into winter. It’s going to get a lot worse for a lot of people unfortunately.”

Hall just hope things get better before they get worse.

“Rain isn’t our friend right now, so pray to the rain gods to stay away,” she said.