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12/22/17 - Lori Moore year-end and final show musical medley

12/22/17 - Lori Moore year-end and final show musical medley.

For the year-end and final show, the Lori Moore Show gathered of some of the area's most talented musicians for a last hurrah to play the last show out with good vibrations.

Starting with Joel Mabus. Joel's popularity skyrocketed after appearing on Prairie Home Companion and he tours the country, but Lori Moore was lucky enough to have him stop by the set to sing his song, "Five Kinds of Snow.” The second performance keeps with the season, the Barn Theatre previewed their Christmas Cabaret, which features some of your favorite Barnies. The Cabaret runs in rehearsal shed through Saturday.

Recently a bunch of Tom Waits enthusiasts gathered at Bell's to pay tribute. Megan Dooley with her original composition "Too Many Times.” The next performer is all about gathering area talent together to give them a stage at Papa Pete's here's WOOTS with “Steady Strides.”

For many years now, area musicians have donated their talents to raise money for Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes. Bride of Fleckenstein with “3 Miles Song.” Joe Macleod has graced many areas stages and is working on his first album. A preview with "21st Century Blues.”

For Lori Moore’s last show, she thanked the team that has made doing the show so enjoyable: Director Lisa Drzick, Associate Producer Courtney Frisbie, Directors Pat Linehan and Matt Payne.

The last song is WOOTS, “Off the Dock”

A Happy New Year from the Lori Moore Show.