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Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' pens heartfelt message after death of shrimp boat captain

Wayne Magwood (Kelly Ergle).PNG
Wayne Magwood (Kelly Ergle via WCIV)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) — On Friday morning, Lowcountry shrimp boat captain Wayne Magwood passed away after being hit by a car in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Magwood, the captain of The Winds of Fortune, once appeared on the hit TV show "Dirty Jobs" with host Mike Rowe.

Rowe wrote a heartfelt, long letter on Facebook in honor of Magwood, telling the story of how the episode came to be and the impact Magwood had on not just him, but the TV industry.

"Deadliest Catch was not yet a thing, and most Captains of any respectable fishing vessel would never allow a camera crew aboard. But Captain Magwood was game. He loved his boat, loved his home, and loved his job - all of which was made obvious to me on the day we spent together," Rowe said.

He added, "It’s not the way a captain of a fish boat imagines his demise, but as Phil Harris said after his embolism, not even captains get to choose the manner of their passing. I know that Wayne knew the impact he had on his own industry; he was a shrimping legend. I just hope he knew the impact he had on mine. My sympathies to his loved ones, and to those with whom he fished. On behalf of my mother and I, we shall miss his pirate-ass."