Tim Lester talks about Elmhurst College NCAA violations

Tim Lester talks about Elmhurst College NCAA violations.

Western Michigan University Head Football Coach Tim Lester clarifying on Monday that the NCAA violations handed down at one of his previous coaching stops.

According to the NCAA, Elmhurst College illegally awarded financial aid to student athletes in 10 different sports over a 5-year period with those violations beginning in Lester's last season as coach of the Blue Jays in 2012.

Elmhurst won 10 games and the conference title that season, but those victories have been stripped by the NCAA, along with 18 other wins after Lester's departure.

Lester and his coaches have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Lester shared a letter from the Elmhurst College president that said in part, "The NCAA found that no coaches or athletic staff were involved in any way.”

That none of the students were aware that they had received impermissible aid and that there was no intent by Elmhurst College to circumvent NCAA rules, or gain a competitive advantage.