People Helping People: Bass Fishing legend Kevin VanDam attempts to reel in donations

Kevin VanDam foundation giveaway.jpg
Kevin VanDam foundation giveaway (Photo: Kevin VanDam Foundation)

Bass fishing's all-time money winner, Kevin VanDam would usually be spending time on his boat and competing in tournaments. But the only fishing he is doing right now is in his backyard pond.

"The toughest thing about not being at tournaments is you miss your friends. I love the competition, I love being on the water doing what I do. That’s my passion," VanDam said.

While the Otsego native had some extra time on his hands, he put together a package of his favorite gear that adds up to a value of over $2,500. For every $10 donated, fans will have their name entered in a drawing. For example, if somebody donates $50, they would have five chances to win.

"One thing we decided to do is match the funds, so if we can get up to $5,000 we are gonna put $5k in too. We are gonna donate this locally to food banks. We are gonna buy gift cards from local businesses and restaurants and things like that because that’s a lot of people that are really affected." VanDam added, "I know that it is not a huge thing in the big scheme of things, but everyone can make a difference and we are just trying to do our part."

Click here to donate to Kevin VanDam Foundation's crisis relief fund and be entered to win the giveaway package.

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