Kalamazoo Growlers 6-year-old Coach Drake is adjusting to star status

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Kalamazoo Growlers 6-year-old "Coach Drake" adjusting to star status. (WWMT/Courtesy Kalamazoo Growlers)

In mid-July the Kalamazoo Growlers were trailing the Wisconsin Woodchucks, 10-7, in the 7th inning, and Coach Drake Livingston was not happy with a call from the home plate umpire.

So, like most coaches, Coach Drake made his way towards home plate to discuss. Unlike most coaches, Coach Drake is 6 years old, and on this night, he was not sticking around, because he had been ejected from the game.

"Sometimes I get suspended," Coach Drake said during an interview outside the dugout he calls home.

He was suspended for the tirade, a three-game ban, that to most every onlooker deemed well worth it.

Livingston is the son of Kalamazoo Growlers Director of Corporate Partnership Cody Livingston.

"We're all about 'fun makes a difference' here with the Kalamazoo Growlers, and before the season even started we were looking for some fun ideas, some wacky things we could do," Livingston said. "This idea of a kindergarten-coach was something we had been toying around with, and fortunate for us we had the foresight to order a youth small in all of the jerseys."

It appears to have been a perfect fit, all the way around.

Coach Drake has become a viral sensation not only in Michigan, but around the country, with outlets such as ESPN, CBS This Morning, and USA Today all showing the antics of the 6-year-old on the diamond.

"The crowd loves it, everybody knows that 6-year-old Coach Drake is out there just to be passionate and put on a good show," Livingston said.

And the show must go on, which means Coach Drake will be back.

His three-game suspension could be up as soon as Friday, July 26, 2019.

The videos released by the Kalamazoo Growler's organization so far include:

Coach Drake and the bases

Coach Drake apologizes

Coach Drake is ejected

The cutest mound visit ever

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