Football Fever Week 1: Game of the Week poll winner is Paw Paw @ Three Rivers

gof the week winner 1.png

And the winner is:

Paw Paw @ Three Rivers: 10,756 votes

The voting closed at noon Tuesday, when the Paw Paw at Three Rivers game has 10,756 votes.

The Newschannel 3 sports team will be provided coverage of the game this week, with a special report in the Thursday night Football Fever broadcast.

That's when we will announce the nominations for the Football Fever Week 2 game of the week.

In the final voting, as of noon Tuesday, the Decatur at Mendon game received 9,803 votes, and Gull Lake at Portage Central received 2,588 votes.

Decatur at Mendon: 9,803 votes

Gull Lake at Portage Central: 2,588 votes