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COVID-19 forces Portage Central volleyball to forfeit state semifinal

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Just one win away from their second state semifinal appearance in school history and COVID-19 forced the Portage Central girls volleyball team to forfeit. (WWMT/File)

Just one win away from their second state semifinal appearance in school history COVID-19 forces the Portage Central Girls volleyball team to forfeit.

The team had no choice but to bow out of their upcoming match after a player tests positive for the virus.

The girls volleyball team at Portage Central was determined to make it all the way to the championship this year.

Covid prevented them from practicing indoors but coach Kayleen Grand said with the championship in mind they practiced on tennis courts and even football fields to make it all the way.

“We continued to play volleyball in any way we could. We finally got the green light to go into the gym and then we were modified to quad matches instead of tournaments,” Grand said.

The team said it was crushing when not just a teammate, but a sister tested positive for COVID-19.

“I felt like we put in so much hard work and enduring all of the stops and we felt like we finally had a shot. It felt like a stab in the heart and we were so close we could taste it,” Portage Central Junior and middle hitter Isabelle Warren said.

The Mustangs were just one win away from the second state semifinals appearance in the school’s history.

Players said they wish they could block their way out of this one just like they did during a "not so regular season" but varsity coach Shelli Candey said they are all winners in her book.

“Every single time we were told that we were not going to do it anymore and then we were told to come back and then you were ready to go right away. Just for the record I really think you could have taken it all the way,” Candey said.

Players said this experience redefined the word team it’s more of a sisterhood that will never go away.

“At the end of the day, we are not going to let the positive test or forfeit define our season or take away from anything we achieved. We are going to continue to hold our heads high and remember all our team has endured and what we accomplished,” Elise Eichman, Portage Central senior and outside hitter, said.

The entire team was in quarantine but still in good spirits.