Football Fever Week 1: Game of the Week winner is Bellevue @ Colon

Bellevue v Colon.jpg

With 63 percent of the vote, the fans have spoken and the Football Fever Game of the Week is Bellevue @ Colon.

Voting closed at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

And the winner is ...

Bellevue @ Colon: 15,938 votes

The Bellevue at Colon game received 15,938 votes, or 63%.

The total votes cast in the unofficial poll were 25,251.

The News Channel 3 sports team will provide coverage of the game this week, with a special report in the Friday night Football Fever broadcast. That's when we will announce the nominations for the Football Fever Week 2 Game of the Week. Don't forget to vote.

In the final tally for Week 1, the B.C. Central at Lakeview game received 7,866 votes, or 31%; and Constantine at Coldwater received 1,447 votes, or 6%.

B.C. Central @ Lakeview: 7,866 votes

Constantine @Schoolcraft: 1,447

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