Thermal imaging shows importance of dressing warm for cold weather


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We're facing very cold temperatures Monday, and while you may think throwing on a coat might be enough, there are some serious side effects to not bundling up.

Thermal imaging cameras show just how fast heat escapes the body. The brightest spots in the image above are the warmest.

Within 20 seconds you can see heat start to disappear, proof that proper winter gear is critical.

Within a minute you can see the heat rushes to your core and seven minutes later you can begin to freeze.

"Your body wants to keep itself warm and it's going to push the blood to the more essential organs so you often lose it from the extremities, fingers, toes, exposed places like ears and nose," said Dr. Rachel Polinski.

Authorities want to remind you to make sure you are wearing appropriate gear for the weather: Gloves, a hat, scarf and of course a coat.

Bare skin can quickly lead to frostbite