Survey says Americans have mixed attitudes toward online privacy


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We live in a world where online data is invaluable, but not everyone is dedicated to protecting your information.

A new survey from Power Research Center finds Americans have mixed attitudes about privacy.

More than 450 people were asked questions about various scenarios involving sharing their data.

When it comes to healthcare, just over half were fine with their personal medical records being uploaded to a website to manage patient information.

Just under half were fine with grocery stores keeping track of their spending habits and then selling that data to third parties.

A little over 35 percent thought insurance companies placing a device inside your car to monitor speed and location in exchange for discounts was okay.

But social media was one of the least trusted. 51 percent thought creating a platform to reconnect with old classmates, but your data would be used to send targeted advertisements, is not okay.