Public works crew rescues rotund raccoon from storm sewer grate

rotund raccoon.JPG
rotund raccoon.JPG

When the bread crumbs failed to lure a raccoon from a storm sewer grate, Rudy Sifuentes knew he'd need to call in the experts.

First he called police. But they realized there was little they could do.

So the next stop was animal control. And well, the critter was stuck in there pretty good.

So the next call was the Zion Public Works Department

"The grate sits right here, he was actually pinched in this little tiny hole," said Josh Behling, a member of the public works department who helped to free the raccoon.

Apparently, the critter had been stuck there all night. Sifuentes said a friend noticed the raccoon Wednesday night, but didn't realize it was stuck.

The next morning, the raccoon was still there.

"He was a goliath," Behling said, explaining the animal's difficulty and getting himself out of trouble. "he was stuck right here. Still got fur there."

How he got there? Behling said that will remain a mystery.

"They usually use the sewers as a highway to get around town," he said.

How he was rescued?

Well, "all three of us were trying to figure out how we can get him out without injuring it more," Behling said. "The easiest way was popping the drain off."

And it worked.