Kalamazoo County brothers build epic snow fort to weather arctic freeze

Epic Snow fort.PNG
Kalamazoo County brothers build epic snow fort to weather arctic freeze. (WWMT/Andrew Bisset)

While most of us tried to spend as much time indoors during the arctic blast there were two brothers in Ross Township who took advantage of the cold and built a snow fort.

Jack Stucky, 10, and Bryan Stucky, 8, tried sleeping in their creation overnight, but their mother worried they would freeze and made their father bring them back inside.

Alex Stucky, their father said, “They were confused and asked why I was bringing them in, ‘what are you doing dad?, We are good, I am warm.’”

The Stucky boys took Newschannel 3 Photojournalist Andrew Bisset inside their creation in Kalamazoo County.

Jack and Bryan said, “We just do it every year an it's always fun, we like to play games in the fort and we like to try and sleep in the fort once in a while. The main fort and hallway to backup fort. It took us about two or three days, maybe a week, because they built a little fort and added on

The boys said they had a couple blankets, a sleeping bag, a tarp and a rug inside their fort. “then we had our sleeping bags and a blanket and we were wearing snow pants. and our hats.”

They said Alex taught them how to build the shelter during canoeing trips.

“It's actually really warm. And we like to come in here and just sit and relax,” the boys said.