Ever pop a pumpkin using rubber bands?

Pop A Pumpkin.PNG
How many rubber bands does it take to pop a pumpkin? We found out the answer and the science behind it! (WWMT/Randi Burns)

Ever pop a pumpkin using rubber bands? We did and we broke down the science behind it!

It all comes down to physics! As you add a rubber band, there is a force applied to the surface of the pumpkin. You can't tell with the naked eye, but at the microscopic level, the pumpkin's surface deforms a bit with the addition of each rubber band. As the band try to contract, they move and displace molecules in the pumpkin. That movement at the surface is so small that it takes a lot of rubber bands applied to one general area of the pumpkin before the surface deformation is noticeable.

Once there is enough force to the pumpkin, the rubber bands weaken the bonds of the molecules and the pumpkin pops!

So how many rubber bands did it take for our pumpkin to pop? Visit our Facebook post (see below) to enter your guess before it pops.


Disclaimer: while doing this experiment, necessary safety gear was worn. Do not attempt to recreate, as injury to you, others or property damage may occur.

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