Bear attacks pony at Arkansas safari park

(Melissa Carnes via Storyful)

BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (STORYFUL)- Visitors at an Arkansas wildlife park were left horrified after a bear attacked a small pony on September 1.

Footage by Melissa Carnes shows a black bear pinning a pony down by its neck at the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari.

Carnes told Fox 24 she was surprised to see bears sharing the enclosure with other animals.

Fox 24 cited a statement from the park, saying, "Piper the pony is looking good after her bear encounter Sunday, September 1. The vet said she is in good condition with no injuries. We are performing an internal review.”

A statement by the park on Facebook drew a slew of comments, Fox 24 said. The Facebook page was not accessible at the time of writing.