Man caught pooping during his morning jog in Australia

Man gets caught pooping during his morning jog in Australia (Photo: MGN)

WASHINGTON (Circa) -- A man who is notorious for pooping while jogging was caught on camera by a photographer while in the act.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh was charged in Australia for public nuisance. The incident was captured after residents in the area complained about an individual who would squat and poop on a public sidewalk, according to The Daily Mail.

The photographer who took the picture waited in the middle of the night for Macintosh to do his deed. Steve Smith says Macintosh ran around the neighborhood three times in one week before he was able to grab the image.

"I started sitting out there in the dark and waiting, and I decided I was going to get a photo of this guy," Smith said to the Courier Mail, the Australian publication that broke the news.

After the photo was taken and Macintosh realized what happened, he simply waved "hello" to Smith before moving on.

Smith posted his photo on Facebook in order to make sure the man was identified for his deed. reports the charge may get reduced and that Macintosh may not be required to appear in court.

You can view the full picture of the man here. Viewer discretion is advised.