Teenager arrested after hundreds of drivers shut down San Antonio highways to do doughnuts

VIDEO: Hundreds of drivers shut down San Antonio highways to do donuts (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - Police arrested a teenager Wednesday night, who was among hundreds of drivers who teamed up to shut down highways and do doughnuts in the main lanes.

Alan Joshimar Gomez, 19, was arrested and charged with Racing on a Highway.

The incidents involved hundreds of drivers along stretches of Highway 90 on the West Side, Highway 281 at Hildebrand and I-10 near Vance Jackson on the Northwest Side.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, a large group of cars were seen by the department's Eagle helicopter driving recklessly in a parking lot. The drivers eventually headed out on highways, shutting down main lanes while other drivers raced each other or drove in circles.

There were also reports that some people were popping fireworks or starting fires on the highways.

TxDOT maintenance crews inspected the areas where the highways were shut down. A spokesperson says no damage was done to the pavement.

Video footage showed highways clogged with traffic and people running in between cars on the main lanes of Highway 90. Police cited a few drivers.