Denver goes from 83 to 19 degrees in just 18 hours

Snow falls at Denver Broncos Stadium on Oct. 10, 2019 (Photo: KDVR-TV via CNN NewsSource)

DENVER (KOMO) -- I have never lived in Denver, so I'll have to defer to those who have lived or still live there:

How do you handle your wardrobe in the autumn?

As a radical shift in the weather came rolling across the Rockies, the Mile High City went from summer to winter Wednesday ... in mere hours.

At 3 p.m. Wednesday, the temperature was a balmy 82 degrees, coming off Tuesday's toasty warm 80 degree day.

Then a cold front came through -- emphasis on COLD.

At 5:41 p.m., the temperature dropped to 71 degrees amid blowing dust and wind gusts up to 56 mph. 12 minutes later, it was down to 61 degrees.

An hour after that, it's 47 degrees and ... hey, it'd still feel warm in short order because at 8 p.m., it's 41, and at 9 p.m., it's still 37.

A 45-degree drop in three hours? Could you imagine anything more? They didn't have to imagine -- the thermometer wasn't done yet.

By 10 p.m., it was officially freezing at 32 degrees with some drizzle. Eight minutes later, there was freezing drizzle.

As the clock hit 10:35 p.m. -- just 7 hours and 35 minutes after it was 82 degrees, it was now snowing outside. And 30 degrees. (Can you imagine if you work a 3-11 p.m. shift and went to work in short sleeves and came out to it snowing?)

But it was Still. Too. Warm.

The temperatures fell into the 20s just before midnight, giving Oct. 9, 2019 a day in the record books as a high of 83 and a low of 29.

By 4 a.m. it was down to 24. By 9 a.m. it was 19 degrees outside amid heavy snow and freezing fog. A 64-degree temperature drop in 18 hours.

Incredible. Hope they had jackets handy.