Class ring lost for 39 years returned to Harper Creek High School graduate

Daphanie lost her Harper Creek class ring in 1981 and 39 years later she is reunited with it. (WWMT/ Daphanie Winders-Tubbs)

Daphanie Winders-Tubbs lost her Harper Creek High School class ring while at Pom-Pom camp at Ball State University in 1981, and 39 years later she was reunited with it.

Winders-Tubbs was a sophomore at Harper Creek High School and had just received her class ring three months prior. While at Ball State University she took off the ring and forgot to grab it before she left. After realizing it, she called the university the next day, but workers were unable to find it.

John Kuro found the class ring 39 years later while going through his mother-in-law's belongings.

"We had gone through my mother-in-laws things not too long ago and I happened to run across it," said Kuro. "I thought, 'Well I'll see if I can find out who this belongs to, we should be able to contact the school and maybe they can find out.' So that's the way I did it."

Once Kuro contacted Harper Creek High School they were able to find Winders-Tubbs, who had since moved to Denver, Colorado, and put the two in contact.

The ring was back on her finger a few weeks later.

"A couple of times I kind of wondered what had happened to it," said Winders-Tubbs. "My dad had bought me the ring, I had to beg for it and my dad passed away a four years ago. So it was kind of cool to get it back."