Animal shelter's 'window washing' dog hopes to find permanent gig

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Bo has garnered over one million views for his "window washing" skills. Now he's looking for a loving home (Photo: Everett Animal Shelter)

EVERETT, Wash. (KOMO) -- Bo has won the hearts of over one million fans for his “window washing” skills but now he’s looking for a more permanent kind of gig.

This handsome hunk, weighing in at 150-pounds, is trading window washing at the Everett Animal Shelter in Washington to a home filled with love and lots of it. Well, maybe a mess or two to clean up while he’s at it. And hey, those windows aren’t going to wash themselves!

“It's about time to think about spring cleaning and getting those windows washed,” the Everett Animal Shelter said. “Bo would like to apply for the job!"

The Mastiff and Akita mix is a very happy 6-year-old gentle giant in need of an owner who has experience with large, strong breeds. He is smart, knows a few basic commands and is always willing to offer a paw.

The home must be cat and dog free, the shelter advises. Bo also requires a securely fenced yard and is not suited for apartment living. Children in the home should be dog savvy and at least 12 years old.

"Bo is a sweetheart,” said Glynis Frederiksen, manager at Everett Animal Services. “He’s a volunteer and staff favorite here. We’re committed to helping him find a home that’s a good fit for his needs.”