2-Year-old does not approve of Bruce Banner 'Hulking Out'

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In this photo from October 2019, little Clara did NOT approve of the hulk's irrational behavior and her reaction during a screen showing of the Avengers movie is to die for. (Patrick Rafferty via Storyful)

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (Storyful) - While anyone who has seen the Marvel series would be familiar with the Hulk’s well-known irrational behavior, little Clara from Belfast, North Ireland, was shocked by it.

The two-year-old can be seen pointing her finger at the screen showing of an Avengers movie and telling her favorite character, the Hulk, “No!” when he acted out.

Uploading the video to his Twitter account, comedian Patrick Rafferty said this was his daughter’s first time seeing the Hulk “go bananas.”

Rafferty explained why his daughter was so shocked by the Hulk’s behavior.

“My daughter loves the Hulk but has only ever seen him in Lego Avengers,” he told Storyful.