West Michigan road crews prepare for the first snowfall

West Michigan road crews prepare for the first snowfall.{ } (WWMT Cyrus Raymond)

The threat of winter's first snowfall is imminent, which means county road commissions are gearing up to clear the roads at the first sign of snow.

Newschannel 3's Nicky Zizaza talked to officials with the Van Buren County Road Commission.

Before the sun comes up on Thursday, Robert Drake with the Van Buren County Road Commission says crews will be ready for what may fall.

Drake said, "We don't think it'll be that bad, being the first snow of the year, but with lake effect, it is hard to tell."

Even though the trucks haven't treated or plowed roads yet, Drake said crews have been prepping for this moment.

He said, "We have had our crews busy getting ready for a few weeks now. Getting all our ducks ready and in a row.”

Stocking salt and sand, replacing blades, and readying their snow fighters for the season’s first snowflakes.

Drake said, "We're going to start tomorrow with staggering crews early, because our number one concern is public safety."

Before the first snowflakes of the season fell crews were already busy at work across the county.

Drake said, "For the last two days, we have had somebody out pretty much 24/7. A lot of trees down. We get a call and must take care of it. There is always someone on call."

The road commission deploying crews with snow fighting equipment at all times and to cover all bases.

Drake said, "We're starting this new thing where we tour around on the weekends to make sure we are getting everything covered, because it might snow in south haven but not in Almena that way can get people where they need to be."

Crews will be out as early as 4 a.m. touring primary and rural roads and in Allegan County officials say they'll decide whether to deploy crews if there is snowfall.

Drivers are encouraged to get ready too and keep an emergency kit in your car.