West Michigan prepares for first winter weather

West Michigan prepares for first winter weather.{ } (File - MGN)

West Michigan residents are preparing for the first major snow event of the winter season.

Newschannel 3's Mike Krafcik look at preparations for winter's first storm..

Many people are picking up last minute supplies on their way home from work and snow plow drivers have been put on stand-by.

Richard Williams, Scotts, said, “We've been lucky so far.”

Snow is on the way for West Michigan.

Carolyn Blass, Allegan, said, “I'm ready for snow.”

Although Blass believes she is a minority in this situation, for the first time this season, drivers like her are preparing for snowy roads.

Blass is hoping to get snow tires, before it's too late.

She said, “I live in Allegan. I'm going to go back there and see if they can do it for me quick before it snows.”

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesperson Nick Schirripa said, “The first time it snows you have to get back in that winter driving groove.”

It's all hands on deck for MDOT. Over the next few days the agency will deploy 83 plow trucks across Southwest Michigan and they have 37,000 tons of salt at the ready.

Schirripa said, “The first snow of the year, it’s like the first play in the super bowl. Everybody's hyped up, ready to go. You don't really know what to expect.”

This time this year drivers can expect to see green beacons on every MDOT truck.

The flashing lights on the rear and side plow of each truck make it easier for drivers to see plow trucks.

Schirripa said, “Those green beacons are a little easier to see, a little easier to pick up. Especially in snowy weather.”

The store owner of True Value on Stadium Dr. says they expect to sell a lot of shovels, snow scrappers and sidewalk salt as the threat of snow lingers.

Williams said, “I don't need anything and I don't want the snow to make me think I’ve missed anything.”

Many spent the day shuffling through a winter weather checklist.

Blass said, “Got the firewood in, got the salt in, still have to get the shovel out of the garage.”

Stores like Gale's True Value Hardware are stocked-up and ready to sell.

Brad Rowgo, Gale’s True Value Hardware manager, said, “Once you see snow coming down, then you’ll see people come in.”

Rowgo says it is important people make sure their snow blowers and other snow removal equipment are in working order.

He said, “You want to go out today to make sure it starts.”

Before the snow starts, Rowgo says homeowners should consider installing roof heat cables.

He said, “It has the benefits of melting the ice off the roof, which could infiltrate the house and you'll have another score of problems, if that happens.”