West Michigan man preparing to help Hurricane Michael victims in need

Cameras outside the International Space Station give us a look at Hurricane Michael just before the storm made landfall over the Florida panhandle. (WWMT/CBS/NASA)

A West Michigan man is preparing to head down to help victims of hurricane Michael.

Brian Antisdel recently returned from helping victims of Hurricane Florence and he is gearing up for another round of relief in the Flordia panhandle after Hurricane Michael.

"We're going to do nothing but good things with smile and hope," Antisdel said.

Antisdel, an owner of an IT company in Dowagiac, is working non-stop to gather truck loads of donated supplies from the community that he plans to haul to the Florida panhandle to help storm victims.

"We've probably have gathered 10-15 loads throughout the day," Antisdel said.

Antisdel is a volunteer for the Michigan team of the Cajun Navy Foundation, a volunteer-run organization that uses technology to help save lives.

He said, "My crew is already down there. We made them sleep halfway. They'll be on the ground, tomorrow."

The group has access to vehicles, boats and kayaks in order to help rescue stranded people and animals on the ground in Florida and Alabama.

The organization uses its website to get information and people who are able can request to be rescued. Cajun Navy volunteers like Brian use a walkie-talkie cell phone app called "Zello" to disperse this information.

"We'll get a ticket if someone's either stranded on a coffee table or their dog is dying. If we're in that area, we have to take that call," He said.

We spoke with Antisdel when he spent two weeks in the Carolinas helping victims of Hurricane Florence. He is preparing for the worst on the Gulf Coast.

"We're going to be seeing lots of water, lots of crested water and dangerous water. It's gong to be toxic," Antisdel said.

Antisdal says his efforts wouldn't be possible without the generosity of the Dowigiac community, including residents like Tom and Paula Williams. They are donating Tom's extra syringes and other medical supplies.

"We just want to do everything we can and support the people in danger right now. This all we can do," Paula Williams said.

Antisdal says the spirit of the community is what drives him to do good.

"That's where I get this from. They instilled this in me. That's where I get this from," said Antisdal.

Antisdal is looking to raise $ 1,500 for fuel and supplies for his journey.

Anyone interested in helping can donate money on Paypal to If you'd like to donate you can click Dowagiac Helps Florida 2018 or visit or contact Brian's store:

IT3 Computer Solutions, 146 S Front St, Dowagiac, MI 49047 - Telephone (269) 462-9040