West Michigan crews preparing for the first snowfall of the season

Salt Barn 2018.PNG
Salt Barn 2018.PNG

Kalamazoo City crews are prepped for the first significant snowfall of the season.

James Baker, the Kalamazoo Department of Public Services Director, and Nick Schirripa, with the Michigan Department of Transportation, said the treatment they are using this year will help the salt stick to the ground better and last longer.

There is 2,000 tons of salt that public service crews have prepared and it is time to brace for another round of snow in West Michigan

Chaz Loc said, “Got to stay warm, got to get ready for what's to come.”

The Department of Public Services is putting some final touches to trucks and gear before the snowfall

Baker said, “We'll be monitoring the weather if the snow comes earlier than we thought or it's holding out a little bit. We'll be able to flex our ability during that time period.”

He said crews heading out clear roads also have to stay safe. Plow trucks have a new safety feature with green flashing lights.

Baker said, “The green is a little easier to see through diving snow and we do that for safety so that folks can see us out there. Please give the truck some space-we say give the truck at least 50 feet.”

MDOT is also preparing for the first snow and Schirripa is advising drivers to check their website.

He said, “, we have a layer on there that will show you where our plows are, real time. You can get real time updates on incidents, traffic speeds, we have cameras out there that you can get an idea of what the roads look like.”

While crews finish preparing gear to clear the roads, the countdown for snow begins.

Along with slowing down, drivers are asked to give plows at least 50 feet of space while they're clearing roads.

Schirripa said, “People may see our tow plow out, so we're clearing multiple lanes at once. Be alert to that, that does take up a couple lanes. It's not just a one lane plow.”