Vice President Pence talks tax cuts and tariffs at Grand Rapids steel mill

Vice President Mike Pence during tour of Mill Steel in Grand Rapids.PNG
Vice President Mike Pence during tour of Mill Steel in Grand Rapids. (WWMT/Nelson)

Vice President Mike Pence made the third visit to Michigan since the August primary race, this time, touting the Trump Administration tax cut plans and tariff talks.

Stopping at Mill Steel, a nation-wide flat-rolled steel supplier, the Vice President used tax cuts to push the Trump 2020 platform, amid other topics. The small event was inside the facility, and included a tour with Gov. Rick Snyder.

The company issued $1,000 bonuses to all 400 full-time employees in February, following the President signing his big tax cut plan into law. That fact, did not go unmentioned.

“Right after the President signed that tax cut into law, Mill Steel gave $1,000 bonuses to all 400 employees. That’s great leadership,” Pence said.

He added that companies, like Mill, will continue to expand and because of the President, “steel is back.”

“Under this administration American steel is coming back thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump,” Pence said. “When it comes to steel in America, you have a champion in President Donald Trump.”

Steel is part of the new tariffs the President has implemented. The Congressional Research Service, a non-partisan policy think-tank, estimates that between March 23 and July 16, foreign steel tariffs have generated $1.1 billion.

Pence flipped to campaign mode numerous times throughout his 20-minute speech. He pushed for President Trump in 2020 using the tax cuts as a platform.

“This company is growing because we have a president who understands that when the American people can keep more of what you earn,” Pence said.

Notably, Republicans in Congress recently introduced new legislation that’s being called a Tax Reform 2.0, to further the tax cuts from 2017. Included in this new legislation; make cuts for small businesses and individuals across the country permanent, which are set to expire after 2025.

Pence touted the comeback of the middle class as well, using new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Wednesday. The report says the median U.S. household earned $61,372 last year. He said there’s a correlation between the increase of income, and the actions of the President.

“That’s promises made and promises kept,” the Vice President added.

The second in command also pushed for Republican U.S. Congressman Bill Huizenga, who is facing Democrat Rob Davidson in the second district on Nov. 6. Pence said Huizenga has been a “big partner in Congress” and has helped further the agenda.

“I want to tell you, the President, our administration, the people of Michigan have a great champion of jobs and conservative values in Congressman Bill Huizenga,” Pence said. “Congressman, thank you.”

The late Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway and father-in-law of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, was mentioned as well. Pence said DeVos “embodied the American dream” and said he was a great American. Pence met with the DeVos family privately during his visit. Rich DeVos died Sept. 6 at the age of 92.

“We’re going to fight for a safer and more prosperous America and build on the timeless principles that have always made America great.” Pence said before walking off stage, "And to borrow a phrase, ‘we’re going to make America great again!’.”