Three women who tried to help, say they will never forget Kay Caskey

Three women.jpg
Three women who tried to help Kay Caskey (WWMT/Callie Rainey)

Kay Caskey, 76, collapsed Sunday during the Borgess Run For the Health 10K and later passed away.

Stephanie Willoughby, Michelle Rowlson, and Jennifer Palen said they stayed with Caskey until she got help.

“We’re run campers that’s what we do. We take care of each other,” said Willoughby.

They said at first Caskey appeared to be stretching a muscle. Then, they said they quickly realized it was more serious when Caskey continued complaining about pain in her stomach.

They said they were shocked when they saw Caskey passed away because they were praying she’d be fine.

“What gets us is that we got to be with her in that moment and it was a pretty significant thing to think of living a life so full and to be on such a beautiful day and doing what she loves that means a lot,” said Palen.

None of the women knew Caskey, but they said they’re thankful for the time they had with her.

“She lived her life to the fullest and I think that that’s what we all want to do, you know? That’s our goal that’s why we’re out there running,” said Palen.

The cause of death was unknown as of May 8, 2019.

“Honestly impacted me forever and I really think I want to live life like she did and honor Kay,” said Palen.