Tekonsha school board bars superintendent from school grounds during investigation

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Tekonsha school board bars superintendent from school grounds during investigation.{ } (WWMT/Cyrus Raymond)

A local school board is addressing a controversy Wednesday involving the superintendent and an administrator.

Tekonsha Elementary Principal Jennifer McGuff leveled sexual assault allegations against Superintendent Jeff Kawaski Monday.

Kawaski had been under investigation by his own school board and police are now investigating the claims made by McGuff.

Since the Newschannel 3 story broke, claims of sexual harassment and claims of misconduct against Kawaski have been uncovered that date back decades.

The Tekonsha School Board decided in a 6-1 vote Wednesday that Kawaski must work remotely and not be allowed on school property until the school investigation is complete. School Board Treasurer Jim Lindsey was the single no vote.

Arthur McGuff, Jennifer’s husband, said, “I'm asking Tekonsha as a community to take a stand.”

Arthur spoke out Wednesday demanding the school do something after the claims that Kawaski sexually assaulted his wife at his apartment in March 2017.

He said, “Jennifer McGuff deserves better and all women and children in this community deserve better. Men, if you endorse this behavior, shame on you.”

Marshall police are investigating McGuff's claims after she came forward to police last weekend.

Jerry Mains said, “We have a superintendent accused of committing violent acts against people and he's still coming to school.”

The school board hired a private detective in May to look into the allegations and other claims of misconduct.

The investigation could conclude by next week and the board is planning a special meeting to be held about two weeks after the investigation has wrapped up.

Tekonsha School Board President Daryl Blashfield said, “We've done the best we could. What was right for everybody involved in this situation.”

While he can't come to school, Kawaski is still an active employee. Meanwhile, McGuff was placed on leave by Kawaski in late April with little explanation.

Some believe it's over a missed professional development class.

McGuff said, “Certainly put me on leave, or he did, for something that's not even close to these allegations. I'm really disappointed.”