Springfield man arrested after allegations of sexual abuse involving 7 children


SPRINGFIELD, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A 62-year old Calhoun County man is in jail accused of sexually abusing seven children ages 12 and under.

Calhoun County Sheriff Deputies found out about the alleged abuse in October, but investigators believe it's been going on for years at a home in Springfield.

Seven siblings revealed to investigators that they had been sexually abused for several years, but they were told not to tell anyone.

Calhoun County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Callahan said, “A lot of anxiety in the children themselves. So for them to be able to, it speaks volumes about the interviewers and their ability to make the children comfortable enough to actually tell what happened.”

As a result of those interviews, Calhoun County detectives arrested a 62-year-old man and searched three different locations; His home, a business, and a storage unit in Pennfield.

Callahan said alleged pornographic material was showed to the children and detectives suspect that material will be found in electronics.

He said, “A lot of computer hardware located at the residence. Hard drives, thumb drives, towers, laptops.”

At this time the parents of the children are not facing charges and it is not clear what if any knowledge they had of the alleged abuse.

Callahan said one of the children told a grandparent what was going on and that grandparent went to Child Protective Services, who contacted the Calhoun County Sheriff's office.

The 62-year-old man faces numerous charges including criminal sexual conduct in the first and second degree and additional charges are expected as the investigation continues. He is expected to be arraigned on October 13.

Callahan says cases like this are extremely difficult for detectives

He said, “Most officers have children and when you dig into these types of cases, it breaks your heart.”