Pulse of America: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Pulse of America: Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!

For decades, it has been the slogan of the small southwest Michigan city, immortalized in the song, “(I’ve got a Gal in) Kalamazoo”, during World War II. For years many thought the city as a myth, which prompted the slogan.

Residents of the city were asked whether they are more optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the country after the mid-term elections.

Always a college town, the city of 75,000 is now home to several Fortune 500 companies, a growing skyline, a burgeoning arts scene, lots of live music, and a diversified economy.

There’s plenty of diversity when it comes to opinions about President Donald Trump.

Tyler Bradford said, “I believe as a country we should support our president, it doesn’t matter who the president is.”

Della Seuss said, “I don’t like our President right now. I don’t like what’s going on. I don’t like how things are and I think that some change is good.”

Andy Dominniani said, “You think Trump will change at all?”

Kevin Weber said, “No. He seems like he won’t change.”

Mike Blied said, “Sometimes it takes a jerk to get things done.”

After Michigan sent Trump to the White House two years ago by a very narrow margin, the elections this week were somewhat of a reverse course. Voting in a female Democratic governor and re-electing a Democratic U.S. Senator.

So how optimistic is the city feeling?

Andy Dominianni said, “Are you optimistic about the way this country’s going or not?”

Xavier Jean said, “I think it’s a step in the right direction.”

Shaun Moskalik said, “I’m always optimistic, but I’m hopeful that this administration can get along and maybe work with the other side.”

Ken Behrens said, “In a roundabout way, it makes me optimistic that the Republicans got out of the House, because they will now be fiscally conservative.”

Indeed, most everyone we found, found something positive in the political shift. Kalamazoo is progressive and is, outside of Detroit, one of just a few liberal-leaning islands surrounded by a sea of red.

Ethan Vallance said, “Progress is in the future - seems like anyway. So hopefully, everything works out.”