Prevention Works announces fundraising effort for Better Tools, Brighter Futures campaign

Prevention Works.PNG
Prevention Works announces fundraising effort for Better Tools, Brighter Futures campaign. (WWMT/Matt Loughrin)

Prevention Works announced a fundraising campaign to help build a new facility in downtown Kalamazoo.

The non-profit hopes to raise $2.3 million to expand the organization with a facility at 309 N. Burdick St. They partner with schools, organizations, churches, and several other groups to help teach people ways to live better lives, teach parents how to better provide for their children, and teach people how to avoid drug abuse and violence.

"Prevention works headquarters is cramped, hidden, it's not central to the service area, and that impedes what they can do,” said Kalamazoo County Prosecutor and campaign co-chair Jeff Getting.

He said the new center will offer staff more space and offer room for programs.

The organization was founded in 1995 and has worked to address generational poverty by removing negative social environments that are often a part of poverty.

"Prevention works is equipping members of our community to make positive life choices that lead to better lives and brighter futures,” said John Dunn, WMU President Emeritus and honorary campaign Co-Chair.

The organization also runs programs that serve marginalized communities and parents struggling to retain or unify their family.

Danielle Sielatycki, CEO of Prevention Works, said, “Imagine you are a parent who is in jeopardy of losing the custody of your child. Now imagine that you have a path to get that child back, and on that path you attend a Prevention Works family program where you get tools to be a better parent."

She and other leaders at the organization believe a plan to raise $2.3 million will allow them to help more families in Kalamazoo.

William Schma, a retired Kalamazoo County Judge and campaign co-chair, announced that so far the group has raised $2.1 million towards its goal.

"That's a testament to the generosity of this community united around the idea that we must help those who are facing significant challenges,” Schma said.