Parents updated on asbestos concerns at Grand Rapids school

Parents updated on asbestos concerns at Grand Rapids school. (WWMT/File)

Parents of North Park Montessori students gathered on Tues. March 12 for an update on the potential asbestos threat from a school building in Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The meeting came one month after a report revealed the North Park Montessori building could have potential asbestos problems, and all North Park students were moved to a different building for classes until the issue was resolved.

Parents had two meetings to choose from, in order to hear new developments from Grand Rapids Public Schools, along with the Kent County Health Department and other state agencies.

John Hemholdt, the communications director for Grand Rapids schools, said he hoped the informational meetings left parents with a better understanding of the asbestos testing process.

"I think that's part of the outcome today. Helping to raise awareness about what are the different roles of these agencies in these investigations," said Hemholdt at the meeting.

Hemholdt also told parents that the Ann Arbor-based NOVA Environmental group is the new project designer for North Park and would be in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, March 13.

The NOVA plan would be submitted to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Kent County Health Department for review.