Officials warn of black ice from plunging temperatures

Officials warn of black ice from plunging temperatures.

A major warm up followed by a crash to below freezing temperatures doesn't bode well for drivers who should be on the lookout for black ice on Friday.

Newschannel 3's Anna Giles spoke with experts about how conditions will change overnight.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is warning drivers that it is impossible to pre-salt the roads because it is too wet from the rain and melting snow.

Tonight we're on our own protecting ourselves against black ice.

Temperatures in the 50s on Thursday gave West Michigan a chance to defrost, but don't get too comfortable because those temperatures are expected to drop by up to thirty degrees overnight.

The drop could create serious concerns about black ice from road crews and wary drivers.

Eliza Van Hall, Kalamazoo resident, said, “I drive on 94 30 miles to work every day, all winter long that’s kind of a treacherous stretch."

Rick Beauregard is a local driving instructor and knows how seriously to take black ice.

He said, "It's just ice, just a thin layer of ice, but it causes a lot of conflict for people."

Bearegard says the worst thing you can do is hit your brakes if you hit a patch of black ice.

He said, “You want to have both hands on the steering wheel.”

If you start to spin he said, "Turn your wheel into the fishtail and that will hopefully help bring you back to a straightened position."

MDOT spokesman Nick Schirripa is warning drivers that MDOT is unable to pre-salt the roads because conditions are too wet.

Schirripa said, "Essentially anything we put down if the roads are wet, whether it's a liquid or a solid treatment, will wash away."

Driving experts say a good way to be prepared is to expect the worse.