New marijuana facility preparing to open in Emmett Township

Common Citizen Marijuana.PNG
Common Citizen, a new marijuana facility, opened in Emmett Township on Aug. 13, 2019. (WWMT/Sam Knef)

A new medical marijuana facility is preparing to open in Calhoun County.

Common Citizen is expected to open within the next few weeks in Emmett Township. While the store is focused on the medical side of the cannabis industry, Michigan Pure Med CEO Michael Elias said it will take advantage of recreational sales as state laws continue to change on what marijuana stores can sell.

Elias said Common Citizen would place an emphasis on good manufacturing practices.

"What common citizen is selling is freedom. Freedom from dodgy dealers, and crappy product. Freedom from uncertain highs, and nasty side effects, and freedom to access the drugs safely," he said.

He said there is an unacceptable amount of recalls that happen in the cannabis industry due to the mass production of marijuana being relatively new.

Elias said Common Citizen will have informational booklets for customers who come in to learn more about the products and everything in them.

Elias said when the state begins accepting license applications for recreational marijuana in November that his store would get involved, but would also stay focused on the medicinal value the products provide to customers.