Neighbor said she found mutilated body in her basement that led to arrest

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Neighbor said she found mutilated body in her basement that led to arrest. (WWMT)

Yashieka Christian called police after discovering a woman's body Sunday, in the basement of her home on Grand Rapids' southeast side.

“It was disturbing," she said.

On Wednesday, Jared Chance, who lives in the same building, was arraigned on charges of mutilating a body and concealing a person's death. The charges stem from the discovery of the body. Chance, 29, could face life in prison if convicted on those charges.

Christian lives on the first floor of the Franklin Street home and said she returned home late Thursday to a bad smell.

“Walked in the house and it smelled like sewage," Christian said.

Days later, she said, boxes appeared on the porch and she saw the trash can full of items, including work boots.

“Those were on top of the trash can. Some boxes on his steps and inside the back door. I'm like, he's moving," she said.

Christian became suspicious.

“I told my boyfriend to go downstairs and see," she said.

In the basement of their home, Christian said, they discovered a body.

“I didn't know what it was at first," she said. "It was something wrapped up. It was a big piece of tarp on the steps.”

Christian said she called police at 4:13 p.m. Sunday. After police obtained a search warrant, Chance was taken into custody later the same day.

Sources close to the investigation said the woman’s body was mutilated in an attempt to hide her identity.

Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Dan Adams said that “because of the nature of this investigation, the identity of the victim will take a little bit of extra time.”

The family of Ashley Young, a Kalamazoo-area woman reported missing in Grand Rapids, said she was last seen with Chance leaving a bar Thursday night.

“We've been in contact with the family and the investigators will follow the evidence as it comes forward," Adams said.

Christian said Young's family came to look for her Friday at Chance's apartment.

Christian said, “She said my friend was missing and she was last seen with Jared. I’m like I haven't seen anybody.”

She said the family rummaged through Chance's trash looking for clues and that's when it started to add up.

Christian said, “That was a red flag too. The smell, the girl going through the garbage.”

She claims she saw Young's car in her driveway, but recalled seeing Chance drive off with it Friday, two days before the body was discovered.


CLARIFICATION: This article was edited from its original post to state that Chance was arraigned on the charges Wednesday.