Multiple bulldogs rescued from an abusive home, looking for patient owner

Congressman Meatloaf.jpg
Congressman Meatloaf is a male English bulldog.{ }(WWMT/Trisha McCauley)

A local rescue shelter found four English bulldogs bloody, abused and living in their own feces.

SPCA of Southwest Michigan Executive Director Katie Timber said the dogs were rescued from an abusive ex-breeder.

She said the dogs were stuck in cages for up to 18 hours a day and they were left outside in the cold with no food or water for hours.

"They were attacking each other because they were so uncomfortable, they were cold, they were starved," Timber said.

Timber said a SPCA program called Cages to Carefree helps animals that were saved from neglectful living conditions find a forever home.

She said these dogs will need extra care emotionally and financially, and have to go to a patient and loving owner.

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"We don't know the long-term care that they'll need whether that be emotional support or physical support you need to be able to financially support for the vet bills," she said.

Timber said SPCA spent around $600 on each dog's medical bills. The dogs are all heartworm positive and going through treatment

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The Michigan Humane Society said they investigate over 5,000 animal cruelty cases every year statewide. In most of those cases, investigators said animals lack food, water or the proper shelter to survive.

In Michigan, a person can face up to 10 years in prison for killing or torturing an animal.

This animal cruelty case is still pending.

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If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs in the Cage to Carefree program you can submit an application on the SPCA Southwest Michigan website.