MSU staff votes in favor of "no confidence" 61-4

MSU staff votes in favor of "no confidence" 61-4.

An emergency faculty senate meeting at Michigan State University just wrapped up and the staff approved a vote of "No Confidence" in the Board of Trustees.

The staff took a vote on Tuesday with 61-4 in favor of "No Confidence" after the Board decision to appoint former Michigan Governor John Engler as interim president of the university.

The move shows that the MSU faculty have lost trust in the governing abilities of the Board of Trustees and they feel the board didn’t listen to their input. Some said it wasn't about Engler, but the way he was selected.

Some faculty said the president should be a compassionate healer, because the university is already under fire from the Nassar scandal. They had suggested a woman with a record of mitigating sexual harassment prior to Engler being selected.

The next day the Board made the decision to appoint Engler and staff learned about the appointment through the news.

With the vote of "No Confidence" there will now be a renewed call for the Board to resign, but the vote has no legal implications.