Michigan Lawmakers question energy companies over complaints of price spikes

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Michigan Lawmakers question energy companies over complaints of price spikes.{ } (File - MGN)

Michigan lawmakers are continuing their probe into complaints of energy bill price spikes.

Consumer concerns caught the attention of lawmakers who found some energy bills were doubling and even tripling.

On Tuesday, Consumers Energy told lawmakers that the energy hikes are due to a longer billing cycle and colder temperatures.

Katie Carey, a Consumers Energy spokesperson, said, "We saw much, much colder winter in the month of December than we have in the past decade. In fact, I believe we had at least eight days that were below freezing temperatures that lent itself to furnaces running longer and more energy usage being consumed."

Michigan House Energy Chairman Gary Glenn is not buying it. He says rate payers are seeing errors in their bills.

Glenn said, “The questions we want to know is which ones are errors and which ones aren't. I think the public service commissions, which are technical experts, ought to be far more aggressive in their role of looking out for the people of Michigan, not in the best interest of the utilities."

Consumers Energy said it wants to help anyone with concerns.

Customers with concerns about paying their bill can dial 211 for assistance options. Michigan 211 is a statewide service that provides answers and community services options.

Anyone who seeks to have Consumers Energy technicians test their meters for accuracy should call 800-477-5050.


Editor's note: This article was adjusted from its original posting to correctly reflect the assistance line name and phone number.