Lost little dog survives being hit by a car in Branch County

Lost little dog survives being hit by a car in Branch County. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

The Branch County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the owner of a little dog that deputies say was found on the side of the road Wednesday morning after likely being struck by a vehicle.

Rodney Scott heard a small 8-pound miniature pinscher struck by a car in front of his Coldwater Township home.

Scott said, “No squeal of the dog or nothing. Just a hard thud and the car kept going.”

He ran down to the road, but he thought it was too late.

Scott said, “It was laying over there. There's the blood spot right there. I picked up him up. I figured it was dead, it was not moving.”

A neighbor called 911 and Branch County Sheriff Sargent David Fillmore was one of the first to responded.

Fillmore said, “She was bloody on that left side of the face and she had some blood on the right side.”

Fillmore called a local vet who treated the dog for a possible broken or dislocated hip.

The dog was injured only minorly and is recovering in the home of Vicki Geer, a foster parent with Animal Aid of Branch County.

Geer said, “She seems really happy, doesn't seem like she's in a pain. That's a good sign.”

The dog would be available for adoption if the owners don't come forward within the next 72 hours.

Geer said, “She won't be hard to adopt that. There's a lot of people that like the older ones.”

Deputies say the dog was found with no tags and has previous damage to her left eye.

Geer said, “If anything knows anything what happened to her we'd love to know.”

Deputies say the owners wouldn't face any criminal charges. Deputies have yet to hear from anyone claiming to be the dog's owner.

Fillmore said, “We want to find the people who owned the dog. If the dog ran away from somebody, we want to make sure the dog gets back home.”

If you're interested in possibly adopting her can visit the Animal Aid of Branch County website or Facebook page.