Law enforcement and prosecutors address concerns following legalization of marijuana

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Law enforcement and prosecutors address concerns following legalization of marijuana.{ }

Law enforcement officials said the passage of Proposal 1 is not a pass to get high anywhere and there is still a lot to sort out.

Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting said Michigan is not ready, even with the anticipation that Michigan voters would legalize recreational marijuana.

“What do we do for those persons that were previously convicted for something that we now say is going to be legal,” Getting said.

People 21-years-old or older will soon be allowed to have, use and grow pot in about a month.

Getting said, “In Kalamazoo, we’re looking at all of our currently pending possession of marijuana cases to figure out which one of those fall within the parameters of Proposal 1 and which ones don’t.”

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said the passage of Proposal 1 raises questions about public safety.

“This law that is going into place in other states has been part of the situation that has caused other parts of the criminal element to grow,” Fuller said.

Fuller is concerned the new law might lead to an increase in illegal activity by people misinterpreting the law.

Fuller said, “One of the number one things that we have heard over and over is that this is going to clear up the courts because no longer people are going to go to jail for marijuana, this is going to make the jails less full because of marijuana and what I am trying to get across to everybody is that this law is not going to change any of those things.”

The new law would allow you to have not more than 2.5 ounces on a person. People can have no more than 12 plants at a residence and you cannot sell it to other people. The law goes into effect the first week of December.

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