Kids in a West Michigan hospital get a special support message with Project Night Lights

Kids in a West Michigan hospital get a special support message with Project Night Lights. (WWMT/Andrew Bisset)

Dozens of people shined lights into the air outside Helen DeVos Children's Hospital to help light up the faces of young patients.

Police cars, fire trucks and ambulances flashed their lights outside of the hospital on Wednesday and community members brought flash lights to shine up toward patient rooms for Project Night Lights.

Kent County Sheriff Sgt. Bryan Muir said, “I hate to say it but people look at us and they think we have special powers, which is anything but the truth. But they do look at us as someone they can call anytime they need help. Well, they need help while they're in the hospital here right now. And we want to show that support.”

Patients got their own flashlights to send signals back to the participants.

Project Night Lights started at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 13 and is a partnership between Silent Observer and local law enforcement that aims to give patients some added encouragement in recovery.

The event on July 13 is the second Project Night Lights and a third event will be held 8:30 p.m. the second Wednesday in August.

Sophia Hill brought her birthday party to the event.

“It makes me happy because of all the kids up in the hospital instead of feeling weak, sad and mad at what happened, they can feel happy and not have those negative feelings.” Hill said, “Last time I actually saw a flashlight go up to their face smiling.”

Money can also be donated to help buy flashlights for patients at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation website.