Kalamazoo Township votes to opt out of recreational marijuana shop ordinance

Kalamazoo Township Board of Trustees voted 6-1 on Monday to opt-out of the establishment of recreational marijuana facilities for the time being.

The ordinance does not affect individual's personal use or growing on private property. If the ordinance is violated, the person may be fined at least $100 and up to $500.

"Once the zoning is in place, if we want to, I know I want to, we can opt in to the recreational marijuana facilities," Kalamazoo Township Trustee Nicolette Leigh said. "It is basically the exact same procedure that we did with medical marijuana but because it is backwards. We have to opt-out first before we can opt-in."

Kalamazoo Township Trustee Jeremy Hathcock voted against the adoption of the opt-out ordinance Monday. He said opting in is the only "viable option" the township has.

"There is no work that can be accomplished at the township level by opting out now that couldn't be accomplished by opting in," Hathcock said.

Kalamazoo Township Manager Dexter Mitchell said the opt-out decision allows the township more time to strategically plan the zoning rules and the future of recreational marijuana in the township.