Kalamazoo standoff suspect was sought as a fugitive after evading parole officer

Kalamazoo standoff suspect was sought as a fugitive after evading parole officer.

The man accused of driving a car into garage doors, breaking into at least three homes and causing an hours-long police standoff in Kalamazoo County was arraigned on Thursday, but had been deemed a fugitive after failing to report to his parole officer.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, arms handcuffed, William Switzer, 33, seemed calm standing before Judge Ankley to face a handful of criminal charges.

He was charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors: Resisting and obstructing police and possession of methamphetamine-- both felonies. Reckless driving and two counts of breaking and entering with illegal entry misdemeanors--not the original charge of home invasion.

Judge Ankley expressed concerns about issuing bond in the case, but ended up going with the recommendation from the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s Office, setting bond at $10,000.

“I was hoping it would be lower,” Switzer told the judge referring to the bond. “I just want to see my kids one more time,” Switzer added.

Ankley added she thought that number was low, the testimony by a Kalamazoo County Deputy and Switzer’s long criminal history.

The Kalamazoo County Office of Community Corrections named Switzer a fugitive last month and his whereabouts were unknown after failing to report to and evading his parole officer.

He is currently on a personal recognizance bond awaiting sentencing on charges out of Allegan County later this month.

If Switzer is able to post the $10,000 bond, Judge Ankley order he immediately report to the Kalamazoo County Office of Community Corrections to get a tether to track his whereabouts.

Investigators say Switzer drove across snow covered lawns along West D Avenue and slammed into garage doors to break into at least three homes Wednesday before he was confronted by a homeowner.

Randy Wilkinson said, “He was pushing on that door, turning the door knob, demanding to come in.”

Face to face with Switzer, who stands six feet tall and tops 300 pounds, Wilkinson says Switzer seemed irrational and incoherent.

After he was confronted, police said Switzer ran to the house next door, broke in and barricaded himself inside.

Nearly four hours later, the metro SWAT team entered the home and found the 33-year-old in a bedroom.

Switzer said in court, “That's because I was asleep I didn't know what was going on.”

Police say Switzer had more than 10 grams of meth in his pocket.

Wilkinson said, “He did appear to be impaired, definitely.”

Switzer is also prohibited from using drugs or alcohol and banned from returning to the homes he allegedly broke into.