Kalamazoo County Commissioners request extra security from sheriff department

Kalamazoo County Commissioners request extra security from sheriff department.{ } (WWMT Zack Lawler)

Kalamazoo County Commissioners are speaking out about safety during meetings after several threatening encounters with residents in recent months.

Dale Shugars, the Kalamazoo Commission Chairman, said he has asked the sheriff's department for more security.

Shugars said, "The public discourse is at an all-time high and I think we all need to bring it down a little bit. We're concerned here, we've had a lot of meetings get emotional. We've asked the sheriff to have a couple more officers."

Newschannel 3’s Anna Giles was at the board meeting where members of Commissioner Stephanie Moore's district spoke out about her safety in particular.

Moore and her supporters feel she has been the main target of aggression from constituents over a range of issues.

She said she has had people get in her face and use bad language and called it a violation of her security that she doesn't take lightly.

She supports the Kalamazoo County’s effort to request a bigger presence from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office.

Pastor Strick Strickland, one of Moore’s constituents, said during Tuesday’s meeting there is a tremendous amount of unrest within Moore’s district over how she's been treated at meetings.

Moore said threats from audience members have happened as recently as the last meeting.

Moore said, "It's just not safe. You don't know what the next action is going to be and he was really aggressive. I've had a man who's literally been stalking me for some time. I look up he's always there. He's doing all of these hateful social media posts."

The county is eventually planning to move into a new building and Shugars said more security, like metal detectors, is a main priority.