Enraged Ross Township residents confront leaders about proposed marijuana grow facilities

Enraged Ross Township residents confront leaders about proposed marijuana grow facilities.

More than 100 people crowded the Ross Township Hall on Tuesday with hopes of forcing township leaders to repeal two ordinances allowing medical marijuana grow facilities.

Emotions ran high and a township official claimed she's received threats.

People in Ross Township are outraged, some even panicked, over the possibility that medical marijuana grow facilities could end up near their homes.

Those who want to build the facilities are still planning to go forward.

The outrage continues dozens of people in ross township, some shaking with rage, lambasted the township board for their decision to allow medical marijuana grow facilities.

Laura Williams, a Ross Township resident, said, 'Why couldn’t Ross Township put this on the ballot? Why couldn’t Ross Township put out a survey? Why couldn’t Ross Township send out a mailer to all residents?"

One after another, people accuse the board of secrecy and failing to effectively seek out public input on the proposed grow facilities.

Site plans for the facilities have not yet been approved, but are still in the works and many worry how the facilities will affect property values. Lisa Stevenson lives near the proposed grow facilities.

She said, “We are sick inside that this kind of operation will be right next to our home, putting everything we have worked for at risk."

In one case emotions have spilled over into threats of violence. Sherri Snyder, a member of the Ross Township Planning Commission, says she has received threats against herself and her family and has filed a police report.

Snyder said, "He basically used some pretty choice words as to what would happen if my husband came over and threatened me as well."

Several people at the Tuesday meeting spoke out in favor of the grow facilities saying they would help the area progress.

Devin Loker, the attorney representing the people planning to build the medical marijuana grow facilities, says they will continue with their plans.

He said, 'The sky is not going to fall, that tomorrow the sun will rise and we will do this all over again so it's just not going to change as much as people make it out to."

Snyder said, "I don’t feel people are listening and talking to each other.”

Newschannel 3’s Anna Giles attempted to speak with the Ross Township supervisor, who voted to allow grow facilities to operate in the township, but he refused to talk and walked away when we approached.

Some people in the crowd called for his resignation.