Emmett Township supervisor has stern words for board members after heated meeting

bridge 2.jpg
Crumbling roads leading to bridge. (WWMT/ Sam Knef)

After a heated board meeting on Thursday the Emmett Charter Township Supervisor came to work on Friday, his day off, to handle the fallout.

Emmett Charter Township Supervisor Tim Hill expressed his frustration during an April 11, 2019, meeting where board members flipped their vote to ultimately approve money to repair a bridge on D Drive North.

"I was shocked that they voted it down," Hill said.

Residents had to wait over a year for the approval of funding for repairs to a bridge on D Drive North between Beadle Lake Road and Harper Creek Drive.

Board members originally voted the funding down with a vote of 4-2, but after hearing the public's out cry they were able to get the board to flip votes.

Residents said the road had been a safety concern for a while now.

"It seemed like they didn't care," Hill said.

To repair the bridge Hill said it will cost around $600,000. Emmett Charter township and Calhoun County will split the bill down the middle paying $300,000 each.

Hill said the township's portion of $300,000 will come from the township's $3 million savings account.

He said financially the city was doing well, even after they pay for the project.

Hill said the four that originally voted no to the funding repair "will have serious problems come election time."

Calhoun County is responsible for placing bids to find a contractor who will do the best job.

July 1, 2019 is the expected start date on the bridge but it is unclear how long it will take to complete the project.