Jared Chance headed to trial after detailed testimony during preliminary hearing

Jared Chance preliminary hearing.jpg
Details revealed during testimony at Jared Chance preliminary hearing. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

Jared Chance will head to trial for the brutal murder and dismemberment of 31-year-old Ashley Young.

Kent County District Judge Jennifer Faber ruled there was probable cause for Chance’s case to be bound over Circuit Court after more than 4 hours of testimony.

During testimony, Faber heard from 18 witnesses and was presented with more than 30 pieces of evidence. The most graphic evidence was not published publicly.

Chance, 29, from Grand Rapids, faces multiple charges, including murder, mutilation, and evidence tampering.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Lawrence Boivin detailed what the state believes Chance did to Ashley Young after she was last seen alive with Chance the night of Nov. 29.

Kristine Young, Ashley Young’s mother, was first to testify and says her daughter was supposed to meet her in Kalamazoo Nov. 29 so the pair could co-sign on an apartment. When she didn’t hear from Ashley for several days, she contacted police.

She testified about the search for her daughter. She said she texted Ashley’s friends, including Jared Chance, who said Young was with Chance the last time she was seen alive.

Next to testify was Mario Nelson, Chance’s downstairs neighbor, who said Jared Chance told him his father, James Chance, was in the Irish mob and that Jared knew how to kill someone and cover it up, detailing how he would do it.

Nelson testified Chance said he would use several ingredients, including ammonia, to erase and clean evidence in any hypothetical murder.

he also testified to a smelling a foul stench at the home and discovering a tarp with blood in the basement before calling police. Police said the tarp, which detectives later identified as a bag, contained the torso of Ashley Young.

Several crime scene technicians testified to what they saw and recorded in the basement of the home Chance was renting, his apartment, and at Chance’s parents’ home in Holland.

Technicians testified to finding blood and human flesh in Chance’s apartment bathroom and kitchen. They also testified to finding arms and legs in a cardboard box on the landing of the stairwell leading to the home’s basement. Then technicians testified to finding a human torso in a dark tarp-like bag at the base of the stairs in Chance’s basement with blood on the concrete.

Technicians testified to finding a reciprocating saw underneath a piece of furniture at Chance’s parent’s home in Holland, which they said tested positive for the presence of blood and human tissue.

They also showed photos of a Honda CRV at the Holland home which had empty ammonia bottles, latex gloves, and a white piece of paper with blood stains in the back.

Later in court, during testimony of Grand Rapids Police Detective Shawn Harmon, Boivin played surveillance video taken at Miss Tracy’s Party Store.

In video taken the night of Nov. 29, Chance is seen purchasing beer, bags, and liquid ammonia.

Video shows Chance revisiting the same store on Dec. 1, placing an orange bag in the trash bin outside the store’s front door before heading inside. Once inside, the video shows Chance purchasing more liquid ammonia and beer. He then left the store, glancing at the trash bin before leaving.

Harmon said crime scene technicians searched the dumpster behind the business and found an orange bag that matched the bag seen in the video. That bag, another detective testified, contained Ashley Young’s purse.

Konrad Chance, Jared’s younger brother, testified again Friday, one day after testifying in his father’s preliminary hearing.

Both of Jared Chance’s parents, James and Barbara Chance, will face trial for lying to investigators and helping Jared avoid arrest.

Friday, Konrad testified his brother Jared was acting odd, as if there was something big on Jared’s mind, for several days prior to the discovery of Young’s partial remains.

Last week, Chance was officially charged with murder and three counts of tampering with evidence. Those charges were added to his initial charges of mutilating a body and concealing a death.

Young, 31, was reported missing after a visit to Grand Rapids on November 30. Police said they discovered her body in the basement of Chance's home on December 2 and he was arrested after that.

Barbara Chance waved her preliminary hearing during a hearing Thursday, and James chance gave testimony. He was bound over to circuit court to stand trial.

No judge has been announced for trial, and no date has been set for Chance’s first appearance in Circuit Court.